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I think we all are very lucky to even be having this discussion in this period of history. Check out: Train In Vain, Steve Gadd has laid down some iconic drum tracks, including Aja, Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover, and Nite Sprite, and has influenced a generation of drummers. What are you smoking? mm what is really sad ,,see your ccomments about the list ,,bitchin anyone for this in that ,,,ey buddies is just a list nothing more ,,,and love it ,,a lot of good drummers in this list,, be prouds for what you see there and no bitchin ourselves and the must funniest part those drummers in this list looks your eggo or ?? Cliff, you obviously know nothing about drumming as both Ringo and Dave Clark have been highly praised by real drummers. As such, its nigh-on impossible to construct a definitive list of the best drummers in the world but we have tried. When Santana took the stage on the second day of the Woodstock Festival, sandwiched between Country Joe McDonald and John Sebastian, they faced an ocean of listeners who had never heard a note of their music, since the group's debut LP had yet to hit shelves. Excellent mention. Two years later, the band played a pivotal role in the plot of the movie The Sweet Smell Of Success, in which one of the main characters is supposedly the quintets guitarist. This list is incomplete without Elvin Jones. So childlike and incredible and inspiring. "Her style of drumming, that she invented, is amazing. mick Avery KINKS ? Since the Nineties, Chambers has gigged extensively with Carlos Santana, Steely Dan and John McLaughlin, while staying busy as a bandleader. NO BUTCH TRUCKS??? He blew Gene Krupa off-stage in a very famous battle of the swing bands in NY in the 30s. Hes as exciting as a metronome in a shoe box. Absolutely deafening on a simple four-piece kit, completely locked in when fans are falling over his gear, he's a study of extremes that you can dance to and the unofficialambassador for a generation oftrailblazing 21st-century avant-rock percussionists that includes Zach Hill (Death Grips, Hella) and Greg Saunier (Deerhoof). Hes a tool. Check out: Fairies Wear Boots, Celebrated Queen drummer Roger Taylor is played by X-Men actor Ben Hardy in the Bohemian Rhapsody biopic. I bang on things. Lenny White, Chester Thompson, Narada Michael WaldenRingoI dunno. umas long as Buddy Rich is on the list, along with Art Blakley and Max Roach.what about: Surprised at no Gavin Harrison or Marco Minnemann. The ruse didnt even start till the eighties long afterLennon had been killed. For now, however, cue drum roll Here is our guide to the 100 best drummers in music history. Check out: Lets Get It On, Eric Singer of KISS praised Phil Rudd as the heart and soul of AC/DC. He started his music career as a member of the hip-hop group Goodie Mob and as part of the soul duo Gnarls Barkley before going solo. True that, he is on 24, should be way higher than that. Hardcore punk barely existed when San Pedro, California's monumentally innovative trio the Minutemen made their recorded debut in 1980, but they'd already transcending it, fusing funk, avant-rock and folk into beautifully abbreviated blasts of knotty revelation. Do you really think John and Paul would have put up with a crap drummer for very long? I had this huge record collection when I was real young and loved The Beatles, and then, later on, KISS. Flea is the founding member of the world-famous band The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Six nights a week, three sets a night. No Pail Motian Fuck off. In 2000, he played on Paul McCartneys cover of an early Presley hit, Thats All Right. some of them of your top 50 should not be there !!! But Rich better than both Moon and Baker. boy, you couldnt be more wrong about Ginger Baker, at least the part about no talent. Check out: Suzy Lee, Self-taught Nigerian native Tony Allens driving, polyrhythmic style formed the bedrock of Afrobeat: the breathtaking fusion of funk, calypso, traditional Nigerian rhythms and the bebop of American drummer Art Blakey he pioneered alongside visionary multi-instrumentalist Fela Kuti in Africa 70. "Pete Thomas is the rock and roll drummer of his generation by some considerable distance," Costello tweetedlast year, "and that you never read that in polls tells you everything you need to know about 'polls' and nothing about drummers.". Harrison has played with Iggy Pop, Dave Stewart, Tom Robinson and jazz and folk bassist Danny Thompson, the former musical partner of John Martyn. But objective factual errors are a different story. Ringo, number 11? How many drummers have successfully complimented each others sounds and shared the stage and the road for decades? Check out: The Golden Eight, French drummer Christian Vander is renowned for his intense, idiosyncratic style, developed in the 70s as the leader of the prog rock band Magma. #1 by a mile! Michael Giles. "Or just this feeling of, 'I'm not gonna stop. JOHN BONHAM YALL CAN ARGUE ABOUT THE REST. Sheila E.? 1.KIETH MOON 2.NIEL PEART 3. Phil Collins is a multitalented vocalist and musician who is known both as a solo artist and as the drummer and singer of rock band Genesis. Not too many arguments. As well as working regularly with Bowie, who praised the drummer for his subtle tempo, Davis also played on several Stevie Wonder albums, including Hotter Than July and the double-album soundtrack Stevie Wonders Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants. If you have never heard Billy Cobham play One Word try er on for size and then revisit this list. : I think that you have your names mixed up. The Modest Man founder, Brock is an aspiring minimalist who enjoys working out, spending time with his family, discovering new brands and creating great content. Though he cooked up his share of tricky rhythms, by the time a given song's chorus came around, Williams would land on the snare with a dance-commanding rhythm that was rarely subtle or negotiable. Further proof: a list that includes Meg White, but no Jim Gordon, Kenney Jones, Bun E. Carlos, Dave Mattacks, Liberty DeVitto, Vinny Appice, Prairie Prince, Ricky Fataar, Mick Fleetwood, Eddie Bayers, Mickey Curry, even Princefor the Love!!! Tony Williamswho could outplay everyone on this list. His style became hugely imitated. While Krupa was a master of suave, gentlemanly playing, Rich was one powerful beast of a drummer with superhuman abilities. Eddie Bayers? He toured and recorded with the greats of 60s soul, funk and jazz, including James Brown, Aretha Franklin and Louis Armstrong. Buddy Rich is the fastest, he goes nuts at about 3:30. see: John Bonham was a very good drummer, but come on, Keith Moon was hands down the best drummer in rock and roll with Ginger Baker a close second. Appreciate them all, dont bicker like schoolchildren over who has not been sharing the prize toy properly. This clearly is a list of sales records, not of musical quality and innovation. Jon Hiseman of Colosseum and Brian Bennett of The Shadows, Two poles but Great drummers who should be on this list. LOL !!! 70 years ago, none of this existed, and perhaps in 70 years time, it wont either. "I like R&B music," he said. . Most of the metal and hard rock drummers want to come up with their own style rather than debate technical skill, so why try to compare them? SHUT UP !!! I like Palmer a lot, though hes quite irregular on tempo. That is a quote by John Lennon when asked if Ringo was the best drummer in the world. Frankly, a very important pre-British Invasion and R&R drummer, that took the USA in popularity in his own right in the late 50s and early 60s and had several Top Ten Bill Board Hits, and sold many vinyl albums: Sandy Nelson !! Hes dated fashion models (Kim Basinger), pop stars (Madonna), and actresses (Carmen Electra). His flamboyant performances in concerts, as he flailed away at his snare drum, tomtoms and cymbals, made him a star. He joined Brown when he was just 17 and played on key tracks such as Cold Sweat and Sex Machine. He also played in the concert that Brown gave after the assassination of Martin Luther King. when a reporter asked if Ringo was the best drummer in the world john Lennon replied hes not even the best drummer in the Beatles dont believe me google it, As a drummer for many many years I have to say other than John Bonham being #1, this list is a joke and a travesty to all drummers. The long time jazz drummer who switched to rock in order to play with his Step Son, Randy California in the group SPIRIT. Standing just over 57, Eddie Vedder was born Edward Louis Severson III. LET THERE BE DRUMS..The Only Drum Record In The Pop Charts.. Let There Be Drums? Directed by Darius Marder and co-written by Marder and Derek Cianfrance, the film stars Riz Ahmed as Ruben Stone, the drummer in a metal duo alongside his girlfriend, Lou Berger, who is played by Olivia Cooke. Hes been a popular figure in music for more than five decades, producing classics such as Blowin in the Wind and The Times They Are a-Changin' that later became anthems for the Civil Rights Movement. Meehans distinctive drumming formed the backbone of The Shadows style and influenced a generation of younger musicians. Find me a drummer who is more inspired by Ringo Starr than John Bonham, Keith Moon, Neil Peart, Mike Portnoy, or Buddy Rich. Hawkins was a superb technician, with no ego, and he adapted his personal style to the needs of different musicians. Good grief. "I would take a drummer who has no technique any day of the week over a more efficient drummer, if he swings better.". Debate all you want you arent going to change this list. But lets talk about today:Antonio Sanchez,Terry Lynn Carrington,etc. carl palmer 2 He said that many of the techniques he used throughout his career, including his snare hand technique, were learned from his first teacher, Chuck Brown. For my money Carl Palmer Playboys Music Poll picked him 3 times I think, but I couldnt count the number of times they picked Buddy Rich. Collins, who was born on January 30, 1951, in the London suburb of Chiswick, is also a popular singer, songwriter and record producer. "Clem showed up, and he was a real star. Music groups: Spirit, Rising Sons (1964 1965) and numerous jazz bands , he kept playing almost up to the day he died. Gene Krupa Born in 1909, we have first up jazz drummer Gene Krupa. 7. During his career, Miles played on more than 70 albums, and played with Stevie Wonder, David Bowie and Muddy Waters. No guitar solo or any other solo instrument could make it work if the drummer couldnt keep time. Best known for his all-American brand of pop/rock, John Cougar Mellencamp is a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee who has received critical acclaim for his early work as well as his latest album (and most of the stuff in between). DAS BULLSHIITE! One of the best I ever watched was Ed Cassidy from Spirit! After leaving Slayer in 2013, he performed with a variety of bands, including Grip Inc, Testament, Suicidal Tendencies and Misfits. He was on SO many great jazz albums in the 50s and 60sdont think I saw Philly Joe Jones name on the list either. With conga player Michael Carabello on one side and timbales player Jose "Chepito" Areas on the other, Shrieve laid down a tumbling, jazz-infused solo midway through "Soul Sacrifice" that remains absolutely stunning nearly 50 years on. so was Dave Clarke. When Ringo and Bonham were asked who the greatest rock and roll drummer of all time wasThey did not hesitate to say Keith Moon. If you dont believe me, play any of the many Styx songs on YouTube especially One with Everything-with the contemporary youth Orchestrahe lights up the sky! To any person Daltrey was the lifeblood of one of the best rock bands of our time. I think Krupa and Rich should be in the top 5. The drummer from Chilliwack? I agree that this is an incomplete list. The best I ever saw live was Jerry Mercer of April Wine. But check Gavin Harrison, Im sure youll love it.. What about Michael Giles, Steve Upton and Billy Cobham. His devotion and toughness were pretty impressive too: A 1984 Rolling Stone feature described a show opening for the Rolling Stones where Alex played the entire with his hand broken in four places. Marriott, one of the best vocalists, ever. The Who drummer, who also worked with Jimmy Page and John Lennon, had a reputation for wild behaviour, but was one of the most distinctive and influential drummers in the history of rock. Sure, she also sang on her own solo hits like 1984's "The Glamorous Life," but it's her eminence as a still-in-demand drummer that's secured her musical legacy. He came from a musical family: his grandfather played the drums, his grandmother was a symphony violinist and his father had a dance band. Asked once whether he was one of the worlds best drummers, he quipped: Im the greatest Keith Moon-type drummer in the world. "The guys all write on computers, and I emulate what they have written," Haake said. Bonham at number one. Chalie Watts 31. While Avory's playing was refined and low-key, his onstage fights with guitarist Dave Davies were the stuff of legend; when Dave trashed Avory's drum kit to close off a 1965 Cardiff gig,he got a drum pedal launched at his head in return. Now complain about that. Also think Cozy Powell and Roger Taylor should be higher. Your list belongs in the garbage!! The Song That Does Not End describes a lot of their music. This may be the only early photo of James Brown on drums. And what about Simon House of Hawkwind ? Its about what you do with it. While I dont agree with the order and the omission of some of my favorite drummers, I think Steve Gadds playing on Steely Dans Aja ranks as one of the best performances ever. He has featured on recordings by Barbra Streisand, James Brown, Mary J Blige, Herbie Hancock, Frank Sinatra and John Legend, and played with the London Symphony Orchestra. That's how influential the deceptively primitive, artfully sophisticated pocket Maureen "Moe" Tucker brought to the Velvet Underground's classic lineup was, impacting artists ranging from Patti Smith to R.E.M. Personally, my new goal is to join Prince and Bono by being known only as Brock. I have been a drummer for over 40 years been in jazz bands, rock bands country and blues bands, strictly small time I have a full time job.

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